Friday, September 18, 2020

I know, I know, it's been way too long and it should be proper content rather than a sales post, but I'm very excited about this big news on the Roadworks kit front with the announcement of two - yes two! - new versions of my original designs, with the Maillot Jaune and the Red Guard colourways, both created with visibility and fun in mind. I know these are tough and crazy times but hopefully you're still able to ride your bicycles, and if you're like me new kit always cheers me up...

If you're interested please message my Chief Clothing Coordinator, the wonderful John Randal at as he will be handling all inquiries. Thanks very much to him for his mahi.

Massive thanks also to the great guys at for their help, great products and top pricing. Their flexibility and assistance in nutting these designs out has been above and beyond.

The pricing is as follows:

Jersey $110 / Aero upgrade $125

Bibs $130 / Shorts $120

Vest $150

Armwarmers $55


Jersey+bibs $230 / Aero jersey upgrade $245 / Shorts $215

Jersey+bibs+armwarmers+vest $420 / Aero jersey upgrade $435 / Shorts $405

Please note that special requests are welcome and shipping can be arranged to anywhere in the world, bearing in mind the constraints of COVID-19.

Again, if you're keen at all on some of this fresh kit please email John at

Ride well!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Vale, Dario

In somewhat sad circumstances I'm sure my friend Richard won't mind me posting this great photo again. It was taken when he got to meet the great Dario Pegoretti in person as a part of the long process of obtaining one of Dario's beautiful frames in the very early 2000s; a frame that I was blessed to build up into a stunning one of a kind bicycle.

Like Richard, I was immensely inspired by Dario's imagination, skill, and genius. I don't mind admitting I kind of fell in love with this great Renaissance character, but despite my fervent wishes I sadly never actually got to own a Pegoretti frame or meet Dario himself.

This shot of The Colours being consecrated in Dario's workshop in Caldonazzo will forever be the closest I ever got to the Great Man himself, but thanks to Richard I got as close as this and I'm proud and honoured ...

Ave atque vale, Dario Pegoretti.

18 January 1956 – 23 August 2018

Sunday, July 12, 2015

2015 Roadworks Kit Order - Black Ops Now Available!

My clothing order coordinator John and I are putting together our annual Roadworks kit order, including an updated Brierley/Rudge shorts design with a solid back panel and coloured leg bands reflecting my (pretend) Italian heritage. 

Please email with your requirements.

Prices: Jersey $140, Bib-shorts $130, Jersey/Shorts combo $250, Arm warmers $50, Gilet $160, Team set (buy jersey, shorts, gilet and we'll throw in a free pair of arm-warmers) $430. Skinsuit $190.


 For the very first time we will be offering the coveted Black Ops option to anyone who would like the change from the traditional Roadworks Blues! Please get in touch with John as above to let him know if you'd like to take up this new choice of Colours.

Thanks as always for the support, you guys rock!