Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finishing off the week...

Here is a build log of the Chumba F5 that Dave from Bike Fixation asked me to build, along with some other stuff you may enjoy looking at...

I started this Chumba F5 build by fitting the seatpost so I could clamp it safely in the stand. I then faced and chased the bottom bracket and headtube, threaded in the bottom bracket and installed the MRP chainguide. I also pre-fitted the rotors and cassette to the Syncros/Hope Pro2 wheels. They had the tyres already fitted, so the logos aren't by the valve like I would usually have them, but this is only an issue to the super-anal among us...I fitted the rear wheel and the floating part of the floating brake.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had never fitted a floating brake arm before so I had some nutting out to do. As that turned out it was relatively simple to set up - just needing some fiddling to fine tune.

Next I moved to the front end of the bike and began installing the beautiful Chris King headset.

Then it was the turn of the Fox 40 forks after working out the steerer length and cutting it down to size. The Thomson stem another example of the quality of this bike's great spec.

The front wheel went in next, along with the handlebars. With both wheels in I was able to suss the saddle angle too.

On went the Sram X9 rear derailleur and PG971 chain and the Truvativ Holzfeller cranks.

I then fitted the Avid Code brakes and cut the Thomson seatpost down to a more appropriate DH length and it was complete.

The build quality of the F5 looked very impressive, as was the spec. And I liked the well thought out swing-arm/bearing/shock mount engineering, which looks grunty and easily serviceable to me. And I liked the colour, which is of course THE most important factor...

Next I moved onto this lovely Santa Cruz Heckler frame which Julian is replacing his old SC Superlight with. After stripping the Superlight down, I took some time to clean up his old components, as it's almost impossible to do a good build if you're trying to navigate old grease and mud. I always believe a build should be done with the parts as pristine as possible, or I'm just not happy.

I began by facing the disc brake mounts to remove the paint and give the brakes a nice even alignment from the start.

Next it was the turn of the bottom bracket to face the facing tool. I love using my Park facing/threading tool every chance I get...

Faced and greased, ready for b/b installation.

Headset, Rock Shox Pike forks, stem and handlebars fitted, as well as the front wheel.

Derailleurs, rear wheel, brakes and cranks fitted - essentially complete, bar the tyre Julian would fit at home.

I finished off the A.S. Gillott as far as I could - Daniel is still trying to locate the right pedals, and is still deciding whether or not the seatpost and saddle shown will be the ones he uses on this bike.

Lastly, I had to fettle Team Roadworks Siftrider Al "Maniac" Tashkoff's Specialized Enduro and it's retro-fitted Marzocchi 55 ATA forks.

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