Monday, July 28, 2008

A Frame of Reknown

I have received a request from someone regarding a track frame that he's hoping to get some info on. This "Reknown" looks beautifully built, and is very reminiscent of an 80's Rossin - both in terms of the lugs, as well as the very similar decals.

I wondered initially if it was a Rossin under some licensing caveat in the same way as Colnago were re-badged Colner for some markets in the 1970s, but I have just heard thanks to the wonders of Vorb that Reknown may have been the house brand of famed Christchurch bike shop Laurie Dawes Cycles, so thanks to Hamish Fergusson for the info. I've asked Fergie to keep digging, but please keep it coming!

The tidy lugwork and seemingly expert build mean it certainly looks to be a lovely frame, despite it's slightly shabby condition, so I feel it's well worth either hanging onto or even restoring, whatever it's origins...

Any information at all gratefully accepted. Please email me if you know anything...Cheers, Oli.

More info turned up on Vorb overnight, so it looks like we now know for sure where it came from - we just need to find out exactly who it was who built it, if we can...

Reknown were made by Laurie Dawe Cycles - they were building frames with both their own name and this name as the shop was called Reknown Cycles earlier on in it's life. When Rossin's started appearing in NZ they liked the style of the stickers and thought that the Reknown name would lend itself quite well to a bit of copying. Their main builder was a man by the name of Jack King, but looking at the pics I suspect this may have been made by someone else, maybe Don Gibbs or Brian Sands, both of whom made frames for Laurie Dawes at various times. Is there a frame number at all? If you have a frame number I may be able to find out who it was built for, no promises though.

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