Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wild Wellington!

Last weekend was the 2nd Wild Wellington 6/12 Hour MTB Race so I popped in and out a couple of times during the day - the first time solo to sift, drink coffee and to drop off the wheels I built for my friend Peter (see my last post), and the second time with My Three Sons to do a walking lap of the hill and both visits to socialise with all the lovely people I know who were participating...

This is a very cool event indeed, and if it's on again next year we will be running a Brooke-Whites/Roadworks Team fo sho - even Bodhi wants to do a lap or two!

Here's a selection of pictures I took to give you an idea of the day.

10.15am - just after the start

Simon and Jonathan Kennett begin their first tandem lap

Two more of the Kennett's Team - Jonty after a double lap and John Randal (note the Roadworks jersey peeking out...)

The BW Boyz

Andrew Jamieson

Kennett Team member Sarah Drake

The boys kick back while I shmooze

Sarah McRae

NZ Rep and Oceania Hillclimb Champion, Gavin McCarthy

Fellow NZ Rep Lisa Morgan

BikeNZ team member Andy Reid

Ex-Euro Pro Fraser McMaster who was racing alongside his brother Ewan (ex-NZ Champion and Tour winner) on the Avanti Team

Scotty Lane steaming

My man Pete Burt (Olympic cycling doc, Eddy Merckx afficianado and connoisseur of fine wheels!)

Mack was one of the Polhill Pink Fairies - the costumes must have made racing hard but provided much mirth for those of us watching!

Ricky Pincott - The Undertaker

The Hataitai Velodrome packed to the gunnels

The Kennett Bros base

John and Kaitlyn Randal set off for a lap

John and Katy blasting out of the Velodrome

Celia Lie throwing down for the Santa Cruz Chicks (too fast for my camera!)

We found a great spot for some Heavy Metal Posturing!

John and Katy shralving

Pete's partner Tilly enjoying the sun

Some random racers

More good keen racers

Josh Wrigley

So that was that - a great day that stretched well into Election Night. The boys and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and everyone seemed to be having a blast. Apparently numbers were down on last year though, which may jeopardise next years event. Let's hope not because it's very cool to have such a race in our town. As I said earlier, the Brooke-Whites will be there next year doing the 6 hour, so hopefully it does go ahead.

Cheers, Oli

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