Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raleigh Gran Tour

I built this bike up for a customer in 1982, and I use it as my non-lycra errands bike in advance of one day actually being able to find the time to go touring...

The chromed chainstay glistens under the workshop fluoros, despite a scattering of rust spots.

A sturdy Mavic MA2 touring rim on the rear has replaced the original Module 'E' at some point, but the front one survives still. Both are shod in sturdy Continental touring tyres to keep me rolling. When I got my hands on the bike the rear wheel needed a heinous flat spot smashed out and a rebuild, but the front is still rocking the original ugly as hell galvanised spokes I used back in '82.

Period San Marco Regal saddle - heavy but still very comfortable. The seatpost is a cool SunTour XC Pro one.

The battered Reynolds 531 decal and the tidy seat cluster.

SunTour GS-III drop-out and the Shimano 105 rear derailleur.

Shimano 105 chainset.

One of the things I love about this bike is the pinstripe detailing. Handbuilt in England, just like me.

Sakae SR Custom handlebars and stem. Note the handmade leather Titus grips still going strong after 30 years.

Downtube 105 shifters, lovely medium-point Prugnat lugs and a brazed on stop to prevent the levers sliding down the tube. The rust that is visible was from before I got my hands on it - hopefully the multiple coats of Rawleigh's Bicycle Wax will prevent it deteriorating further...

Reynolds 531 forks turn on a classic Tange headset, and the 105 calipers do a passable job of stopping the bike.

The Raleigh Gran Tour in all its glory. Like the rest of the componentry, the brake levers are Shimano 105, but using some Modolo hoods to replace the rotting, bubbling originals. I've used some old Shimano 747 SPD pedals so I can a) avoid toe clips and b) use my spare mtb shoes that enable me to walk around without looking like a penguin. The full-length mudguards are courtesy of the estimable Brian Phillips, and the Fibre-Flare light from my friends at Cycletech.

Thanks for reading, Oli.

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sifter said...

Nice! Let's hope you're out and about on it again soon bro. I love the detailing on the Shimano rear-mech and shifters.