Sunday, September 18, 2011

TI Raleigh Beausage Part 2

Further to Part 1 of the tale, here are the final steps of this fun diversion...

I taped the Cinelli 65-44 Criterium 'bars...

...and sorted the front brake and made sure the cables looped over the stem in the regulation fashion.

The front brake was completed with a new Centaur barrel adjuster - not quite the same look as the original, but close enough and it functions perfectly.

Lovely Stronglight drillium cranks will spin on ahead-of-their-time sealed bearings with lightweight aluminium cups.

The Stronglight bottom bracket installed. Despite their age and much hard use back in the day the bearings are still silky smooth.

Sadly the left-hand crank is fubar, but it'll do in the context of the rest of this look don't ride build.

The Regina drilled chain looks grouse on the Stronglight chainwheels.

Rusty old Campag Gran Sport pedals...

...and Christophe Speciale toe clips with AFA straps...

...complete the drive transmission.

My TI Raleigh-Creda poster framed appropriately in the rear wheel of my TI Raleigh.

The pitted but still very cool C-Record seatpost.

The Rolls Due I originally used for the build has made way for this superfly Cinelli Volare SLX. The weight of the complete bike was a surprisingly low 21.2lb, or 9.62kg if you wish to avoid Imperial entanglements.

Put it in the big ring.

And finally complete! If the tyres were glued (and sound...) and the left-hand crank wasn't cracked this old Team Raleigh would be fully rideable.

I'm not sure what purpose this project really served, but it sure was fun to do and the bike looks awesome sitting there in all it's bygone glory.

Thanks for reading, Oli

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