Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Short But Sweet

Dean caught me up as I was taking my first photo of the day...

...and led me on a merry dance. Note Dean's mint condition Nishiki Tri-A, same as the one I modified for Jim.

Life in the B-pore Ghetto, as the Popo visit our troublesome (ex-) neighbour. 

My Hillbrick makes a nice change on occasion.

Building a nice wheel satisfies my soul.

Nice to see my friend Glenn and his lovely Time again. Thanks for the Johnny Cash.

The best thing about working from home is Bodhi.

A Christmas present from the wonderful John Randal was finally used on a night in the Amora Hotel, which happened to coincide with the City Art Gallery launch of  a book on Ian Athfield that features some work of my father Chris. What a lovely night...

The Casati was calling for a ride.

Nothing like the 80s elegance of a Cinelli XA stem and Campione del Mondo handlebars.

I love my new armwarmers!

A front whistling in from the southeast.

The stories this old Super Record derailleur could tell.

Trademark Casati tuning fork seatstays.

Rebuilding an old 8-speed Record hub for my friend Jamie.

Both hubs now rolling so smoothly it makes me happy in the way that only Campagnolo can.

A cool pair of wheels: Miche RC2 hubs and Mavic Open Pro rims.

My mate Dave's wicked Santa Cruz Blur TR Carbon.

Custom Rule V headset cap.

Thanks to the surprising and humbling support shown by you all in the recent shipment of Roadworks kit, John Randal is helping me pull together a follow-up order to supply those who missed the bike the first time. To augment the jerseys, bib-shorts, arm warmers, warm-up jackets, caps and gilets we are doing skinsuits (ideal for CX, track and TT) and some baggy long-sleeved DH/trail tops. Thanks to Colin for the inspiration on the latter, and Warrant Officer Larkin for the skinsuit idea.

He's coping without a skinsuit in this awesome photo, but when you're the reigning Holeshot King you need every advantage technology can provide to keep you at the top of the dirty pile.

Speaking of Paul, a package from him in Australia arrived out of the blue containing two slightly used Shwalbe Ultremo RS tubulars wrapped up in a Fyxo Melburn-Roobaix musette. Cheers, WO!

The tubs went straight where they were needed, urgently replacing two venerable but perished and dangerous old tyres on my Shamals.

I don't think the modern tyres detract too much from the look of my Bianchi TSX-UL, do you?

And on that note, thanks for reading and cheers until next time. 

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