Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tim Wilding wins Karapoti!

Many congratulations to my good friend Tim Wilding (Santa Cruz/Pearl Izumi/Maxxis/Roadworks)for his dominating victory in the 2010 25th Anniversary Merida Karapoti Classic! Tim and I have worked together since 2004 but it's only the last few months that he has been racing in the Roadworks strip, and this is definitely Tim's biggest victory wearing the colours.

I have always been deeply proud to have been associated with this humble and at times under-rated athlete, so this victory will be savoured for quite some time. I'd like to thank him for repping me so very well, both in this great result but also for many years previous - your support has always been appreciated bro...

This great and iconic event this year is doubling as the BikeNZ National MTB Marathon Championships, so T-Rex now owns that title also. More congratulations!

Good stuff, Tim!