Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Kit Time!

It's that time again, at last we are going to do another order of Roadworks kit for those of you who have been clamouring for it!

At this stage we will be doing short-sleeve jerseys (in the classic blue), bib-shorts, warm-up jackets, long-sleeve jerseys, skinsuits (in Black Ops black!), arm-warmers, DH/trail tops.

Prices aren't firm yet, but I anticipate they will be similar to last year's run - to give you an idea here is the 2013 pricing in New Zealand dollars:

Jersey $140
Shorts $130
Combo $250

Arm warmers $50
Vest $160
+ jersey and shorts combo $435

Warm-up jersey $190
Skinsuit $190
DH jersey $110

Please express your interest via email to my Agent du Apparel, the wonderful John Randal at siftyjohn@gmail.com. The sooner the orders come in the sooner you will be styling in your classic Roadworks gears, such as this jersey modelled in a casual style by my friend Nige at last year's Giro d'Italia.

Thanks for the support, Oli