Saturday, August 25, 2018

Vale, Dario

In somewhat sad circumstances I'm sure my friend Richard won't mind me posting this great photo again. It was taken when he got to meet the great Dario Pegoretti in person as a part of the long process of obtaining one of Dario's beautiful frames in the very early 2000s; a frame that I was blessed to build up into a stunning one of a kind bicycle.

Like Richard, I was immensely inspired by Dario's imagination, skill, and genius. I don't mind admitting I kind of fell in love with this great Renaissance character, but despite my fervent wishes I sadly never actually got to own a Pegoretti frame or meet Dario himself.

This shot of The Colours being consecrated in Dario's workshop in Caldonazzo will forever be the closest I ever got to the Great Man himself, but thanks to Richard I got as close as this and I'm proud and honoured ...

Ave atque vale, Dario Pegoretti.

18 January 1956 – 23 August 2018