Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm off!

Well the tools are all sorted, the stand is packed and I have TWO trackpumps (don't ask!) ready to load in the Holden tomorrow morning. Then, after dropping Bodhi at kindy, I am driving up to Palmy to drop off the completed Lynskey HB420R I built over the weekend, and then on to rendezvous with my man Hunno to begin working as the Auckland Grammar Cycling Team mechanic at the Secondary School Nationals, as mentioned in the post below.

I'm really looking forward to another bike related road trip - the last time I loaded up the car for this purpose was as a BikeNZ mechanic for the Trust House Women's Tour of NZ in March, which was a continuation of the cool trip I did to Geelong (read about it at Roadworks Archive). That time I had the great honour of working for established champions like Sarah Ulmer, Jo Keisanowski, Meshy Holt and Toni Bradshaw, but this trip will be great to work with some of the champions of the future...Ace!

I will be back at the shop at around noon on Monday the 24th - hopefully after an inspiring weekend with no drama!

Above is another cool bike I worked on this week - a Chorus BMC SLC-01 in Astana livery...

As ever, thanks for reading. Cheers, Oli