Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wharangi Ride

The sun shone, the work was done, so time to get gone. Here are some pictures from some of my local trails...

I started out on the City to Sea Walkway.

This walkway starts out winding up behind the Berhampore Golf Course...

Onto an increasingly steep trail with increasingly great views.

Amazing to think that this is only ten or fifteen minutes ride from the Wellington CBD.

Designed (I'm guessing) primarily for walkers, the trail hits some brutal pitches at times, pushing the resources of a punter like me. Luckily a seat appeared just in time for me to pause and take stock of the stunning vistas.

Looking back towards the City, Mt Victoria and the harbour.

Over to Mt Albert.

Cook Strait and Baring Head in the far distance.

Just as I was grovelling up (but imagining ripping down!) this track, I hit some long flights of stairs that confirmed my route selection wasn't perhaps my cleverest, all things considered.

Steeds at the summit of the Tawatawa Reserve.

Owhiro Bay from Wharangi.

Looking over Happy Valley towards the Windmill and Polhill.

Heading down Wharangi, and hopefully avoiding the horse dung.

Happy Valley Road looks steep in this shot - maybe it's not just the constant headwind that always makes this such a grovel!

Hitting the bottom of Wharangi.

I ambled up the road, then veered up Todman Street to the War Memorial.

Respect to The Fallen.

Just look at this picturesque town of ours.

Onwards to Highbury Fling.

Then down Transient.

And home...

Cheers, Oli


big jonny said...

Good on ya. Looks like a great ride.

Oli said...

Any ride is a good ride! Cheers, Big Jonny.

sifter said...

Another thumbs up from another big jonny!