Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 NZ Cyclocross Championships

I don't usually devote a blog post to a single event, but I think this one is worthy due to the associated fundraiser for little Charlie Woodward. Not even school age yet, young Chuck and his family are dealing with the terrifying ordeal of a brain tumour, so it's great to see the Pain Train (in association with HMTBC) incorporate raising money for such a great cause.

If you are in any way cyclo-cross inclined please head along and have some muddy fun knowing that your entry fee is assisting Chuckie, Keighley, Rick and Chuckie's sister Emily in what must be a very hard time.

If you aren't keen or able to race, please consider making a donation anyway to: The Chuckie Cross Account, 01-0302-0109626-50 using your name as a reference and Chuckie Cross as particulars, or head to Charlie's Place or his Dad's blog Redwood Revolution and check the links to Chuck's family trust account.

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