Monday, May 12, 2008


I've been a busy boy since returning from China, and I don't just mean the hours I spent writing the blogs!

I chucked some bling Hope Pro3/DT wheels (pre-built) and new XT shifters, derailleur and brakes on this lovely Cotic Soul belonging to hardy mountainbike epic rider Colin.

I also built two of these interesting PedalForce frames up - Leonard's one using new Ultegra SL and Mavic Ksyrium wheels, and the other using Dura-Ace and Mavic Cosmic wheels. Both lovely bikes in the end, with Ian's Dura-Ace one being set up more in a triathlon style. I was impressed with the ride of them both, especially since I am really the wrong build for testing 900gram frames!

Leonard's Ultegra SL PedalForce

Ian's Dura-Ace weapon

Not actually work I've done, but a friend of mine from my early PNP days who now resides in Perth, Western Australia sent me some pics of his old Saronni he is about to restore (or he'll have me to answer to!). This classic Columbus steel machine will be a beautiful ride once he cleans it up...

Tidy lug work

Classic Campagnolo

Classic Dura-Ace! Old AX cranks in the house

Eoin's Saronni

Lastly, and on a slightly more modern bent, here are some very cool spy shots I just received from my ProTour contact at the Giro d'Italia, being held at the moment. These shots are of the much talked about 2009 Dura-Ace kit.

Carbon levers

Concealed cables

Close up of cable routing

Stiffer chainrings (seen here on SRM cranks)

Drilled and slotted chain

Rear derailleur

Front derailleur

Short but sweet - that's all I got for now. Will hopefully have some news from the Jazz Apples at Mt Hood, Oregon very soon...Cheers, Oli


David Benson said...

That Saronni is effin' kewl.Made by Colnago, not one of the Tecnotrat Saronnis that are a lira a dozen. I'll send you an email address for good quality repro Campagnolo brake hoods.

Oli said...

Cheers, DB! Although I think they might be Modolo levers - are they the same shape?

David Benson said...

Duh, now you mention it...
Bicycle Classics have Modolo hoods in stock: